SoB is free to attend and is aimed at being a welcoming and open space for young people aged 13-25. The workshops are run by experienced musicians and producers. SoB opens an avenue for self-expression of young people from all walks of life. In a safe and inspiring space, the workshops venture into the sounds of Hip Hop, Soul, Jazz, Garage, Drill, Afrobeats and Grime. By exposing young people to talented professionals, we aim to highlight the idea that music can be a viable career path as well as creative and therapeutic outlet.

Intalekt Music (Josh Oladipo), the CEO and the SoB team believe that it is all about people realising their creative capacity and releasing their unique sound.



Blue Canarinho • Cay CalebGnarly

 • LoelashMelle Brown • Temple Beats


Afronaut Zu • Barney Artist • Dips and Lowu • Ella Frank • Emmavie • Lex Amor • Sipprell • Tinyman



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